If you do not see your answer below, please send me an email at epicurse@outlook.com.

Q: Where can I purchase your Epicurse albums?
A: at CDBaby.com, Bandcamp.com & iTunes.

Q: Do you do Royalty Free music, license or commission?
A: Yes, right here Epicurse - Royalty Free Music.

Q: Can you compose an epic music score for our project, movie, trailer or video game?
A: Yes, absolutely. get in touch with me here.

Q: What about non-profit projects?
A: Contact me and we'll discuss.

Q: Can you compose a free epic music score for me?
A: No.

Q: Can I use your epic music score for free?
A: No.

Q: Is there a possibility to buy your epic music albums on CD, DVD or vinyl?
A: Only on Patreon.com.

Q: Do you speak my language?
A: I only speak French & English.

Q: Can you make a tutorial about composing epic orchestral music score?
A: I have been thinking about it and I have some good ideas for it. We will see.

Q: Are you educated in music?
A: No, I have no music or instrument knowledge.

Q: Will you ever have an orchestra play your epic scores?
A: I plan on it for sure. One of my bucket list item.

Q: Who has inspired you the most for your epic scores?
A: Easy answer: Thomas J. Bergersen, Nick Phoenix and Jean-Michel Jarre.

Q: Finally, Who do you want to say thank you to?
A: A warm thank you to Luz, Nicolas, Luc, Casey and to all my fans. Without their cheers and support, I would not be Epicurse.