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Welcome to my official Epicurse.com website,

My name is Eric J. Oriol and I compose epic orchestral music scores as Epicurse.

Music is part of us all. It is what makes us dream, travel and feel emotions not found anywhere else.

My music is free to the world but you are welcome to support me by purchasing my albums on iTunes, Bandcamp, CDbaby, Spotify, and all major music platforms around the web.

My story, it is about reaching for that ultimate sound. The sound that gives you an overwhelming feeling of great happiness and joyful excitement. I want each music note to sound beautiful, rich, strong and emotional while defining a epic story. Each track I compose is a result of that sound.

I am looking forward to compose amazing epic scores for your movies, trailers and video games projects and most importantly for you, my fans! You are welcome to use my Royalty free music for your project as well.

My motto: "You do not learn music, you feel music"

The Defiance Principle album was my first ever attempt at composing songs with no prior knowledge or experience in music.

01 - The Defiance Principle album by Epicurse
02 - Absolute Defiance album by Epicurse
03 - Eternal Defiance album by Epicurse
04 - Ecliptic Defiance album by Epicurse
05 - Intrinsic Defiance album by Epicurse
06 - Ethereal Defiance album by Epicurse
V1 - Best of Epicurse - Volume I by Epicurse
07 - Empirical Defiance album by Epicurse
08 - Preeminent Defiance album by Epicurse
09 - Imminent Defiance album by Epicurse
10 - Coming Soon... Stay tune!

My music is available now on these platforms:
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Official Site: http://www.epicurse.com

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Time to Rise and Be Epic!

More about Eric J. Oriol...

I was rebellious and defiant searching for something. Without rules or mentors, I felt chaotic. I had been listening to Jean-Michel Jarre, Nick Phoenix and Thomas Bergersen then one day, in March 2016, it happened. My core started to become awaken, shaken and excited, I found what would calm me down and relax my soul. My rebellious and defiant energy would be transposed into my epic music. Epicurse was born. Now the path is clear. Time to be Epic!


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Epicurse's Vision

I would love to be recognized as an orchestral epic composer and have my tracks recognized, placed in movies, trailers and orchestra.


Be Epic!

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